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    :bluebird: Just wanted to say hello from Salem NH, I was not sure if this is where its ok to post pics and video links of my Blues. I have a Arlo Live Camera on my feeder at this time, I move it into the roof of the nest box where I got 14 babies last May through July. 2 broads of 5 each successful and the last broad 4 eggs attacked by something (from what you all say I am sure it was HOSP), when I check the video at work before coming home for lunch the bird was taking the 2nd to last egg, I don’t have sound with this camera so I could not try to scare it off. At any rate I wanted to share my Blues, unfortunately I only have 6 this year 3 pairs, usually I have upwards of 13, I expected near 17 with the extra 10 fledglings. I think Its because the weather is Just way to nice and they don’t need me (guessing) we have no snow still and many berries (winter berry) still on the bushes, but I’m grateful as this is the only time I get Blues and 1 pair for nesting. thanks everybody I love reading all your post and pics when I can find them. to the moderator I will post a picture of my ACORN Blue Bird house they just said it was liked by the blues(maybe a sales gimmick. but after years (6 years of no bluebirds nesting , this one they started the second year after I moved it away form the apple tree in the front of the house. (very happy with it and the separate live video /camera we installed. and we can take the top off, but I only do that to adjust the camera or change the batteries, (before eggs hatch ) ok ill try to put couple picks and Ill copy and past the video (only 10 seconds from the last couple days), I adjusted the camera today to 1 minute, as 10 secs. was to short, but I was trying to save battery power, (they are expensive batteries especially if I watch live in the nest for than several minutes at a time. Nice to meet you all, Marcel Male from NH. PS I took your advice and put a few pics on that other site for pic of the month.