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    I just realized I never replied about winter roosting, sorry, NO roosting the last 13 years, I’ve only seen them line up on a branch together several times. I have a couple great pics( I like) with 5 and 6 bundled ,snuggled up to each other in a row. I take in there special house so the HOSP don’t know its there,(not sure if it works but had to try something after an attack of the 4 eggs last year. I leave up the original 4 blues birds around the property, (as I intend on ensuring the HOSP have somewh1ere to go so I can promptly humanely evict them, so no harm comes to my Blues, I was devastated seeing a bird take away my pairs 4 eggs and they left the next day for the summer, I was upset and didn’t know anything about HOSP, I had no knowledge and didn’t know that could happen. any way, I’ll try to put a pic on here, if it words this one is from last year 1/14/2015. please someone tell me if I’m doing this wrong. )posting in the wrong place), I wish there was a pic place., nope no pic, this site make it more difficult then my It skills LOL. Ill have to see about creating an account on the suggested above ones, not sure if they charge or are free. ill find out. thanks again every body. here another 10 sec video., I hope to have a longer video with good lighting on the next nice day. and adjust the feeder platform, I had to drop the hood as the crackles are eating up my home made food for the Blues. LOL (not so funny when they are eating)