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    Hello BB lovers! I’m Amy from Indianapolis, hence AmyfromIndy and am so excited I found this forum. I had never actually seen a Bluebird other than in photos and was determined to bring them to my backyard as I am an avid bird watcher. I now have a backyard full of them and am so proud my efforts and research paid off! I am a photographer and have set my feeders up right outside my windows which has allowed me amazing photo opps. Along with the Bluebirds have come flocks of Starlings. Though beautiful, they seem to bully my Bluebirds. I have been the Starling Police waving them away when I can. I want to put up a few Bluebird houses in my back yard now that I have so many in my trees and have researched how best to do that so I indeed get the tenants I’m looking for. Any advice would be welcome! Happy to be here to share in the appreciation of these beautiful birds!