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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Carolyn, You are right about them going bonkers over the live worms. I don’t think for one second if you offered live worms AND suet at the same time that they would eat the suet (just wait for more worms), but then I have never done this. Once I begin offering suet (in the wintertime) I discontinue the worms altogether and as I mentioned they do pout about this at first. The fat in the suet makes a mess in the hot summertime. I do believe they will regulate their feeding somewhat, but they will pig out on those worms if given the opportunity. And as warmed, too many can be calcium depleting (eggs would not be strong). Somewhere it is suggested to feed around 10 worms per bird per day (that would be medium worms, not the large). Of course, this could vary if it were extremely cold, no berries around, etc. But they do need a good amount of natural food if possible.