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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Well, parents have had their new nest built almost a week and finally she laid the first egg today. The newly fledged juveniles are eating out of the worm bowl by themselves now – for sure have seen 4 of the 5 but hard to count when they are all flitting around. Have been trapping HOSP with the VanErt about every other day and now the wrens are back and trying to claim one of the boxes. After such a slow winter and early spring it is great to be busy again, with vegetable garden, flower gardens and my volunteer work and of course, my special bluebirds! Hope everyone here is doing well themselves and with their bluebirds. It can’t be peaches and cream always but we need to keep on learning and helping them as best we can.


        That’s awesome.

        I’m trying to feed my bluebirds mealworms, i moved a feeder to the backyard to be closer to their nest. Mealworms are disappearing, i didnt witness them eating them today but surely they are.

        The birds keep me company while i garden. Ive got the hummingbirds, and then a catbird that is fairly gentle. Yesterday i had a pileated woodpecker in the garden, probably eating ants.

        blue diamonds

          Carol, good news about your second nest underway. My front box second nest is just a few day behind yours. She laid her first egg 5/27….as of today there are 3 eggs. Sparrow spooker up on day one and the wren guard today, day 3. I would have put it up yesterday, but we had terrible winds and rain. I checked to see if the nest was dry after all the blowing rain…..yup all is well.

          Chris, I have never seen a pileated woodpecker, but I keep watching for one to show up. We do have them in our area. Maybe this will be the year.

          Judy – Michigan

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