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      The third brood has fledged successfully from my nest box. There are now 14 total more bluebirds in the skies! I cleaned out the box. My bluebirds are done for this season. It was a good season.

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Congrats Dana – glad you had a good season. My 3rd nest of blues is due to fledge in a few days – only have two left as there were 3 eggs that did not hatch. Sure have enjoyed watching the parents feed them – no mealworms this year as they did not seem to be interested, telling me this is a new pair of parents this year.


          Yay!! I used to have 3 broods a year but something always seems to happen to one the last few years.


          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Sorry, Dana and Tammy – I have only had 2 nestings this year – got confused. I did not believe I was going to have any at all, and then a new pair showed up – and all their eggs have been white, which was a thrill and a first for me. This last nesting is due to fledge around August 4, which only has two babies in it as three eggs did not hatch. I don’t imagine they will have any more broods this season – which is okay with me, as we have had temps over 100 degrees the past few days – I have a heat shield on this box and believe it is helping out, as this box is in full sun. Parents are feeding them from the hole now, which means they are getting larger. Hope the fledge is successful.


              That makes me so happy to hear so many new bluebirds are flying in the skies.


                Thanks all!

                It’s always a good feeling knowing you’re adding to the bluebird population. It sure is a passion of mine. And people enjoy seeing them as well. This world today could use more happiness and the bluebirds bring it!

                Two broods is still good. My pair of bluebirds used to only have 2 broods per season. But the past two years they have been producing 3 broods to my delight! I’m guessing the warmer summers could be why plus I feed them mealworms without overdoing it though.

                Dana in PA

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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