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    Carol – Mid-Mo.
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    Well, good things all way around, mostly. The rest of the winter birds have finally left as of yesterday. I believe they got the idea when I quit feeding the suet to all. And mama bluebird laid her 5th egg today and has began incubating them. The down side is it has been a miserable day, turned colder and light rain all day, and wind blowing bad. BUT, as always, it could be worse – lots of storms, tornados, etc,so I will say we are okay here.

    Good luck to all – keep in touch. We really need good news
    to read about instead of . . . . . . .

    David in Stafford,VA
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    Congratulations Carol. I started a little spreadsheet to track our eggs and hatches. So far I have a possible 25 new blues to fledge from those that have posted around May 11-16. I will add others as they appear here.
    You are right – hoping for good news this year.

    Stafford, VA

    blue diamonds
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    Carol, Yay….. so happy you have 5 eggs and those winter birds are now gone. Now you can start spoiling the blues with your tasty mealworms 🐛. I have to say feeding live mealworms has made a huge difference here. They stayed all winter eating dried mealworms and sunflower hearts. Lol….The bad part was I had to hire someone to feed them when I left town for 3 weeks in the winter. It worked and they were still hanging out here upon my return. Such a joy to watch.

    David, I love the idea of a spreadsheet. Happy to hear you have your first eggs now.

    I have 2 bluebird nests going. Nest #1 has 4 eggs. Started incubating on April 4th in the afternoon after laying her 4th egg. She had really bad weather while laying, freezing 4 of the 5 nights, after egg #2 she skipped a day laying. I’m hoping for the best.

    Nest #2 has 5 eggs. She started incubating April 9th, in the afternoon. Fingers crossed no freezing nights with this nest.

    Judy- Michigan

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