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    Hi everyone!
    I think this is their 3rd nesting. Because way back in mid-May when the bluebirds were nest building they were still feeding babies from their 1st nesting that was from someplace else in another nestbox. They just fledged young from this nest they had built in May in my nestbox alittle more than a week ago. I cleaned out the nest and the very next day mama blue began building a new nest that now has 5 eggs again! They still dive-bomb me so I’m pretty sure it’s the same pair. I’m super stoked because this bluebird pair has been so productive. They have fledged 8 babies so far, 5 of those from my nestbox with hopefully another 5 more on the way to join them in a few weeks!

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    That’s great news, Dana. I live in Mechanicsburg, PA (just a few miles west of Harrisburg), and my bluebirds have also been very productive. Five babies in round #1, and currently five eggs in the house. My pair got a little bit of a late start because of some house competition between them and the tree swallows early in the spring. Good luck with your new brood.



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    Fun! I used to have a three brood female but this one only nests twice.


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