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    I posted 5 or so months ago about a female with an injured leg. She laid 2 eggs, one hatched and fledged. She looked haggard, dull then.
    Well, with our first freeze I put out worms in my feeder. Within minutes there were 3 bluebirds on the bar, all looking plump and healthy. In the center, a female perched on just one foot! I could see no evidence of the other leg. She looked good, moving and eating well. Even got to observe her in the birdbath taking a long, thorough bath.
    I love resilience.

    Carol – Mid-Mo.
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    What a great Thanksgiving story! Yes, she surely is determined & strong-willed.

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    That is always fun and rewarding to see.

    Atlanta, GA

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    How fun that you are seeing her again.


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