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      Hi all,
      I’d posted awhile back after our first brood when we had some worries about a fledgling. Back then, two days after we deducted that the fledglings had taken off, the father bluebird kept coming back to the house. When I checked the box, there was a fledgling who hadn’t made it. I couldn’t tell what had gone wrong.

      Now our second brood (same parents) fledged yesterday and the father still keeps coming back to the box. Because of what happened last time, I’m worried about waiting too long to see what he’s coming back for in case I might be able to help … but I also don’t want to prematurely disturb the box.

      I’m wondering if you all would just give it some time or go in tonight ??? Ty!!


        I certainly understand your concern, I would consider two things…
        Quite often I have noticed adults coming back to the box after all have fledged. No one has been able to offer an explanation for this behavior. Perhaps a home base of sorts in case all fledglings haven’t been located?
        Second- I can’t imagine a problem with a baby, inside the box, that you could really help much, unfortunately.
        I know that I have to keep reminding myself that we can really only provide the basic necessities for them to help give them a chance. We can not and should not treat them as our children. Nature’s natural process must take its course. And we need to be happy with that and that we’ve helped with the ones that thrive, in my humble opinion, of course!

        Rochester, NY



        Meredith, Chris is right. I have a male bird that checked the box after the young had fledged. Your mail is probably looking in to see if the box is ready for the next nest.

        I usually leave the box up for 2 days following the fledge date in case one or some of the new ones are reluctant to leave. If there were a bird left in the nest, one or both parent birds would be in and out of the nest feeding the remaining young. If the male is just checking the nestbox, I would say that it is safe to open the box and clean it out in preparation for the next brood.

        Stafford, VA


          Can’t thank you both enough for this helpful guidance — I love this forum. :) I’ve been checking with my binoculars and haven’t seen any feedings happening, tho the male is going inside the house constantly. Crossing my fingers I won’t have another bad sight when I look in there tomorrow … hoping he’s just getting ready for Round 3! Thanks again!! :)

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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