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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Well, I have been taking care of HOSP quite well this season and have had no problem doing so. But this morning I had set the trap when the pair were hitting it heavy around this one box they claimed. I usually do get the male (a good thing) but this morning I caught the female and had to take care of her, and I was going to leave the nest in the box (which was VERY sparce) but when I felt in there I found one HOSP egg. Apparently she was just protecting and maybe getting ready for another egg. I know I had to get rid of the egg so she was disposed of with her lone egg. This usually does not bother me, but for some reason it really did today. (Maybe I am getting to be a softy) Why or why didn’t they leave those birds in Europe?


      Carol- while I can empathize with you, I believe that you realize that you ARE doing the right thing for our native species, namely the bluebirds. We can feel sorry for the bird but it is no worse than having a pheasant, dove, or robin fly into the front end of your car. It is okay to feel a little regret but then we get back to the task at hand – which is taking care of the bluebirds.

      Pat-on-the-back for you.

      Stafford, VA

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Thanks, David – know you are right and we must try to control their population.


          Same way I feel if I find a mouse still alive in a mouse trap. Hard not to feel sorry but we know mice need to be controlled.


            Oh honey. I totally get it. I WISH they had left those birds in Europe along with the starlings. We have way too many invasive species in this country and it’s not just birds.

            Hope you are feeling better now.

            Atlanta, GA


              Yep. This is probably what I dislike most about hosting bluebirds. But I figure it is the price I must pay. It helps if I remember the time I saw a male enter our bluebird house and was already sticking his head out the door as I ran to the door and across the rain wet lawn to chase him away. It was already to late; he had started the destruction and would return to finish it. That experience will get me through a lot of HOSP dispatching.

              Willamette Valley, Oregon

              Carol – Mid-Mo.

                Thanks everyone – I get it – this must be done.


                  hugs.. I get it too.


                    Never forget it is not just the blue birds that are tormented by non native bird species like house sparrows but just about all our cavity nesting birds. I know how you feel. It is hard to do what must be done for all of the native birds sakes.

                    When the new wears off the old shines through

                    When The New Wears Off The Old Shines Through.

                    Carol – Mid-Mo.

                      VERY true, Renee – not just blues – I just never had experience with others.

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