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      Opened the box today and was expecting to count eggs but found wee ones instead! They must have hatched a couple days ago. However, I couldn’t find any adult bluebirds in the area. How long will the mother stay away from hatchlings? I didn’t think they ever went far.I also haven’t seen a male in the area in a while. I don’t get over there as much as I would like but I am concerned about the situation. The other box on the property has been a HOSP attack death trap. 2 swallows recently and 1 bluebird early in the season were murdered in the same box! I was able to kill a female HOSP but the male is a blood thirsty *******. Maybe I’ll have to set the big trap somewhere hidden up there. I can’t stand around with the bb gun all day. I don’t want to take the box down in fear that the HOSP will go after the bluebird box on the property. Praying it all ends well.

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        Are you using Sparrow Spookers on these boxes?

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          I just got one on today….well just the fishing line version. I saw the dad feeding them today thank goodness. Now I have to get rid of that sparrow nearby somehow.


            Mom goes far enough away to find food. It’s not unusual for them to not be nearby after the babies hatch. I think your wise in keeping that HOSP nestbox up. You have a Van Ert trap right? Let that HOSP build in that house and then trap!



              Last I checked all is well. Dad and mom were both feeding the wee ones. I may have to try that trap. Just scared of trapping a swallow.

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                If you’ve had HOSP attacks, would set up that Van Ert in other box & stick around to see if you can trap HOSP. I’ve heard from people here that fishing line version can work, but the sparrow spooker as we know it has 3 rows of Mylar hanging down to touch top of box on both sides (6 Mylar strips total). Sialis site shows pics.

                Hope it all works out!


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