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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Well, my 7 day old blues are dead I’m almost positive. We had horrible cold & more than 4″ rain and horrible wind this past weekend & yesterday. Parents had been bringing babies worms up until maybe Sunday, but I noticed last evening that they didn’t bring any to them. This morning, the same thing – I put out plenty of worms and they ate some and then saw them guarding a different box here close to my house. They are going in and out of this box and just chased a HOSP away. I will go out to the other box and look at the evidence soon this morning. Mother Nature is indeed strong and cruel at times.

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Yup, babies are all dead. Pulled out nest & babies & cleaned out box- took a picture but is too sad to post. Guess it was just too cold & rainy. I checked the underside of the nest and it definitely was not wet, just maybe a little damp. Either mama was not able to keep them warm, since they were getting a little larger, or something. No trauma to them, just 5 little dead babies. I would suspect pesticide if it were a different time of the year, since we have a large pasture on the other side of our property – one year the owner sprayed and almost killed several of our large trees and shrubs. P.S. This was a Gilwood box – I’m still not too sure about having 5 babies in it, since it is a little smaller floor size and with more ventilation at top of hole, maybe just was too much for this weather.


          I’ve only had that happen once…so sad.


          BZ–W Ctrl MO

            Carol, so sad to hear this news, and also afraid for my five as the nest is also damp (you saw my other post). I have another nest that I saved from about 4 years ago, and I think I’ll swap it out this afternoon. Can’t get to it until about 3 pm. I’m really nervous about handling the little birds, so if anyone has advice on how to do it, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

            BZ W Ctrl MO


              What a disappointment, Carol. So sad.

              BZ, take the babies out one by one and put them in a paper towel lined container. Cover that with a cloth. Remove the nest and replace it with the new one. Transfer the babies. That’s all there is to it. You can do it!

              Atlanta, GA


                Carol, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Please know that we all feel your pain, and grieve along with you. We are all in this, together. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for you and your nesting blues!

                Bedford, New Hampshire


                What sad news this morning. Sorry for your loss Carol. I know that your blues will try again soon. Take care

                Stafford, VA


                  I’m so sorry…This year started out that way for me too. Hopefully, fingers crossed, so far this nesting looks happy and healthy.

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