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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      My four BB eggs from box #4 hatched this morning – at least 1 day early – probably because of the heat. They were “Playing dead” which means they were not moving or begging – which action is not uncommon at all. I will check them again tomorrow afternoon, as we will be out of town 2 days during the weekend – will be attending our 60th high school class reunion – where does the time go?


        I just saw your post that the bluebird babies hatched! Great news! Congrats Carol!!

        – Dana


        Good news Carol. How many does this make for the year?

        Stafford, VA

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Thanks, Dana & David – as far as numbers: Nest #1 had 4 eggs & 3 hatched (on April 11) VERY EARLY and fledged.
          Nest #2 was in same location with 5 eggs that hatched & fledged.
          Nest #3 in a different box had 5 eggs which all hatched & fledged (during very hot spell)
          Nest #4 had 4 eggs laid during VERY bad heat spell – mama did not incubate a lot during this time and worried me very much – I put dots on two different eggs at different times to see if they were being rotated and they were. AND then yesterday August 10 they all hatched I believe (as far as I could see). I did see the parents go in and out of the box a time or two so I know babies are being fed.
          When we checked this early evening I saw the babies and they were hunkered down (playing dead) so I gently touched one with a small, thin soft paint brush and it really wiggled, yes – believe they are all alive at least for now!!! I believe the count is 17 – very much a record for me.


            Carol, what an amazing, record-breaking year!! Wow. I’ve been reading your 4th nest egg saga like it’s a page-turner novel! I’ve been in suspense waiting. THRILLED to hear they have hatched!! Wonderful news. Also, congrats on a 60th reunion!!! Wow. My husband was just commenting one night this week that both of our classes have not had any reunions since maybe the 15th….and we should’ve just had our 40th. So you go enjoy yourself seeing old friends. All your good news is making me smile!

            Carol – Mid-Mo.

              Julie, thanks – yeah, but a great year here but I’m still waiting for the final fledging act.

              We just got back from our class reunion and other visits in North Missouri. It was a small turnout but great to see those there. We just got home around 9:30 this evening, so I will be hitting the sack very quickly.

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