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      Does anybody have any experience with BB’s nesting near their house during construction?

      I’m having my house raised soon, lasting most of the breeding season. My BB house is about 30-40 feet from my driveway which runs along the one side (short side) of my house. They break away the house from foundation, raise it (only takes about half hour) then build a foundation. The female is about 4-5 days or so into making a nest, so I didn’t want to move the box (I could move it back up to 50 feet). Keep in mind these birds have been nesting there for 3 years. I’ve feed them mealworms for two winters now, so they are very used to me and things I do in the yard, like riding a lawn mower all around their box. Also a car pulling in and out of the driveway for years.

      Do you think the construction will deter them in the middle of breeding? Am I right for not moving it? Or should I?


      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        I had this happen one time several years ago – we were doing some house repair work and making lots of noise. I was very concerned about the noise, but it turned out that they were not afraid of the noise – guess they wanted us to know this was THEIR box. We went ahead and did the work necessary and everything worked out okay. I would imagine that some times it is not quite so easy!
        P.S. Rule is not to move any box with eggs in it unless absolutely necessary. But in your situation it sounds like they are pretty committed to your area!! Good luck.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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