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      So in the first fledge had one bird with a deformity. It was missing a top beak, so it can’t pick anything up. When it comes to the meal worms, it just picks at it and begs. It’s so sad it’s hard to watch. Especially since I know it’s not gonna turn out good.

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        So sorry about this, Dave – yes, it can be heartbreaking sometimes, but usually it is wonderful.


          Look to the positives. You are doing good work providing nesting for them.

          Tim C. WI/MI border.

          blue diamonds

            That is super sad. I’m wondering if there would be a possibility of it growing back slowly. Miracles do happen, let’s hope for the best.

            Judy – Michigan


              I was hoping that was true Judy, but it’s not seeming likely. It’s been over three weeks and all the young are still hanging around and not being chased off. The beakless one seems to be pretty healthy but I’m guessing it’s still being given food here and there. I don’t even want to give them mealworms anymore because I see it begging others for food or trying to steal it from the other young ones. Then when they all leave it sits there and pecks at the worms left, feel like it’s driving itself crazy. It’s been a rough season. Lost the female bluebird last brood and deformed beak hatchling. My tree swallow box lost a male also, now she’s trying to defend against another male and house sparrows. Trying to keep them out, it’s a full time job. It’s almost becoming a little too much, but I feel obligated to help them.

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                I wouldn’t be able to watch that! I had a mom years ago with a broken or dislocated bottom beak. It was torture watching her trying to pick up mealworms. I finally took her to a rehab place and they ended up having to euthanize her. I never want to watch something like that again.



                  I finally checked back in after a few weeks of being awol and distracted
                  (I’ve ended up fostering kittens becwuse nature is savage …)

                  I was drawn to this topic as I have 5 TRES eggs that didn’t hatch, thinking mama disappeared, and/or the eggs weren’t viable. I had a rough time monitoring that box and didn’t have the exact dates for laying (that was around the same time my oops happened with the blues nest. They are back and started laying around the 20th.).. but TRES eggs were definitely way past due..

                  I hate having to remove but it’s probably time .. just saw this topic and thought the same thing about how sad and sucky it can be. This season has seemed particularly challenging!

                  No box at the barn my horses are at but wherever blues had built on their own , when the fledged they were too close to the barn cat as I found feathers in the paddocks :(
                  Sometimes this stuff just sucks!!
                  Hoping the blues who took my other box have better luck!


                  Good to see you back, Countrygirl. I think that we have all had a bit of bad luck/sorrow this season. Let’s hope for a more pleasant rest of the year.

                  Stafford, VA

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