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      I thought some of you might like to know how bluebirds fare in my neck of the woods, which is Northeastern Quebec, 728 miles northeast of New York City and north of Maine. We do get bluebirds, though not very many of them. Since winter is long and summer is short, the ones that nest here have only one brood per summer. I had my first nesting couple 2 summers ago, my first in 20 years! They arrived on a May 25th and left on September 18th. This year I started a project and have put up 20 nesting boxes in the surrounding territory. Sightings have become more frequent the past couple of years, so I’m hoping we can increase the local bluebird population. So far, 2022 has been slow, with just a half dozen sightings in our area. A male dropped by and checked out the nesting boxes in my yard a week ago, so hopefully he’ll be back with his mate when the weather picks up. Just to give you an idea, we still have a few snow patches on the ground. Take care, happy birding and I’ll update in about a month.


      Good to have you aboard, Dennis. Do keep us informed on the activity at your nestboxes. Good luck on the nesting.

      Stafford, VA


        Dennis, this is quite exciting to learn! I want to tell you what the lady from the Pennsylvania Bluebird Society told me this week. I told her how the bluebirds just started a nest in my yard box on Sat. May 14. In past years the first nestlings were fledging by this date! She said on the trail she monitors, the bluebirds had all fledged the first broods already, while the box in her yard also just had the first egg laid on Sat. May 14. She said timing is definitely wacky this year! She’s hearing it from the PA folks.

        Good for you putting up so many boxes!! I bet you get bluebirds and other natives, too. Keep us posted!


          Thanks David! Take care!


            Hi Julie!
            Thanks for the info. Will keep you posted. Cheers! :)



              Hello northern neighbor! Good to hear there are bluebirds up there where you are! I think its absolutely wonderful you are putting up a bluebird trail. It will definately help increase the local bluebird population as long as the boxes are monitored and maintained. Good luck and welcome to the forum!

              Dana in southeastern PA

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