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      Hello all,

      I am new and would like some insight into the competition between bluebirds and other birds. I have placed 2 bluebird boxes in my yard and in April I know for certain that chickadees made nests and actually laid eggs in both boxes. Now in late April to now in one of the nests the bluebirds actually nested over the chickadee nests in one box and I noticed hanging out and typical bb nesting habits so I checked and the bb actually nested over and laid eggs. Now I am noticing now at the other box there maybe another set of bb taking over the other chickadee nest. Anyone else have any other experience with this type of behavior with bb’s. I am new to all of this and just love bird watching and of course bb’s. :hoppingblue:


      I have had chickadees in the BB house but have never seen the BBs build over a nest. I did have chickadees build over a BB nest last year before the BB’s laid their first egg. I always clear the box after the young have fledged.

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        When you find Chickadees nesting in a box, and Bluebirds wanting to take it over, you can put a 1 1/8″ hole protector over the entrance hole to prevent the Bluebirds from predating the nest.

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          EABL absolutely will build over any nest if they want the box. They will also remove eggs of another species if they want the box. Like Cher said, you can reduce the hole to stop this from happening.

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            Poor Chickadees! They are on decline in the southeast & really need our help too. I bought a 1 & 1/8″ hole reducer in case they ever nest with me. Bless their hearts!


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