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    My bluebirds have started to build a nest in the new nestbox. I thought that it might be fun to watch the progress and show the steps for those that have not seen the stages of building the nest.

    1. Claim the nestbox by building the early base circle. A few pine needles and grass blades will do. Let dry if damp.

    2. Add grass and pine needles to form the base for the nest.

    3. Continue to add material to the nest.

    4. Add needles, grass and light weed sprigs to begin wall construction of the nest. Female will normally position material into the circular shape as male is out looking for more grass and needles, or hanging around the feeder.

    (to be continued)

    Stafford, VA

    blue diamonds

      Enjoyed the photos……it’s starting to take shape.

      Judy – Michigan


      The build continues.

      5. Both Bluebirds have been bringing pine needles and grass to the nestbox. The female shapes the material into the traditional circle sided nest. Notice the even growth of the sides. It is almost at the right height.

      Stafford, VA


        Great news David! Mine just completed their nest! Maybe the bluebirds are trying to get a head start this season.

        Great photos!

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        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Me, too, David – completed nest but no eggs yet – will be on same cycle as Dana I believe. Thanks for the pics.


          It looks like my pair just finished their nest also, so this will be the final installment of “Nestbuilding 101”.

          6. Mom & Dad bird have been busy carrying grass, pine needles, and some moss to finish the nest. The grass and needles raised the walls of the nest to about 2″ below the opening.

          7. They also added some grass and moss to the bottom of the nest. The female has been shaping the nest cup to cradle the eggs. It is almost complete and ready for eggs.

          This build took about 6 days to complete. I am going to see if that time continues with follow-on nests.

          Stafford, VA

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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