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      After a tough early-season fending off sparrows etc., our bluebirds nested and had three eggs in the box. No other birds seemed to be bothering them. Two of the eggs had hatched and I saw the mother bird at one point and the following day I did not. The father hung around several days checking the box but I did not see the mother. Not sure what happened to her but I have not seen her since and the babies died. There was one egg that had not hatched but cracked. The babies did not look as if they had been harmed. (Had hosps kill 4 in the past) Here’s hoping Papa finds another mama?

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Yes, this is very sad – been there. Sorry.


          So sorry. That is awful. And why blue birding is not exactly relaxing. At least to me. :BlueBirds-baby3:


            So many things can happen. If they were very young they needed the female to brood them initially for a few days. The male can’t do this because he doesn’t have a brood patch.

            I hope he finds another mate.

            Atlanta, GA


              Aww…so sorry. They usually find a new mate quickly. L t usnknow if he does.



                So sorry to hear about your BB’s, I do hope Papa finds a new mate soon.
                We just came back from a few days at our cabin and Papa was sitting on the wire keeping an eye on things. He does seem very attentive to Mama and the 4 eggs she is incubating. I went out and put some dried mealworms and live ones in the feeder and I watched while Papa came down and ate. I saw Mama fly into the box so all is well. I thought about them the whole time we were gone, was so happy to see all was OK when we got here. It is raining off and on here in Western PA so I will not open the box while it is wet to check things out. I am becoming a paranoid BB landlady.
                Connie (PA)

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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