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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Cher or abnyone, will this new forum set-up eventually go to actual new pages (not just on each topic) when it gets too long, like the old one did? I would think this would be the case, but didn’t know. I may not be stating it correctly ??????? Looks like our fun is beginning – yahoo!


        Looks like it does, Carol. Look at the “Any BB winter roosting in box going on?” thread and see if that’s what you mean.

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          Carol, we have a thread on page 2 so, yep, if that is what you mean.

          Atlanta, GA

          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Thanks, Cher, that’s what I mean. However, I notice when we go to page 2, it redirects to your thread “Are you having trouble signing up” – is it supposed to do that? I just missed this since it was in a different spot.
            We want to thank you for the hard work you have done on this new site to make it more add free and keep it free in price. You have done a great job – like everything, when we have something new thrown at us, it takes time to get “acquainted”, especially for us Sr. citizens!! :dancing: See, I even got an emotion inserted!!
            Thanks, Tammy – you must have been on a long vacation – missed you.

            The Original Bluebird Nut

              Carol, thanks for the encouragement. It has been a challenge to get this forum up and running, but I think it will be an improvement for everyone. I currently have the forums set to display 25 topics per page, so once there are 26 topics, it will bump to page 2. The reason you’re seeing one of the “sticky” topics at the top of page 2 is that, oddly enough, this software shows the stickies at the top of the first page of topics, and then again in chronological order. It’s a weird “feature”, and for the present it seems to be one we’ll have to live with. Maybe the developers will come out with a way to have those topics only show once down the road. :BonkOwnHead:

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            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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