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      Good Morning! Should I be worried about my recent fledglings if I am not seeing them around? I had five fledglings that I was seeing frequently with the parents on my fence and in the trees. For the last few days, I have seen just one baby hanging out with mama and papa. To be honest, I do have fear that one baby may have fallen prey to a cat or hawk because I saw a group of feathers that looked like baby blue feathers in my front yard two days ago. I try not to think about it too deeply, because it is upsetting, but I can’t change it. On the other hand, I am concerned that I am only seeing one baby with the parents. Is this typical? I am horrified to think that something happened to all four of the other babies.



        You said it yourself. It can be upsetting, but you can’t change a thing. The others could be hidden and not following. The thing is, there are many, many hazards out there for new fledglings to overcome. That is one of the reasons birds often have more than one brood per season.

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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