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      We had continuous rain and wind in this part of MO for the entire weekend. I checked my box (with 5 baby blues) around noon today and found that the bottom of the nest is wet. I didn’t put my finger inside the nest as I didn’t want disturb the little ones, but I suspect that it is slightly damp. I need advice from the experts as to what to do, if anything. I really hesitate do something that would cause the parents to abandon the babies. Please advise.

      BZ–W. Ctrl MO

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        We, too, had continuous rain and WIND this weekend. I also checked my box yesterday after rain quit in late afternoon, as I was concerned about wetness. I found some dampness along one side, but didn’t notice anything underneath the nest, although like you, didn’t want to disturb the 7 day old babies. I just came in from watching outside and parents are still bringing worms to babies, so guess they are okay. But I am still a little worried about this cold (41 degrees this morning), damp spell on them. Maybe it is better they have not fledged yet and have the box as some protection, and I believe mama is still keeping them warm. If your nest is “slightly damp” I would leave it alone, but that is just my opinion.


          I think I would touch the inside of the nest, especially under the chicks, to see how it is. Dampness could kill them and we don’t want that.

          No matter what you do they are not going to abandon these babies.

          Atlanta, GA

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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