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      Last five years I’ve had blue birds. They always came first of june till last year when they came in april and had two broods before the end of summer. This year there hasn’t been a bluebird anywheres around. Not a one, Don’t know if the parents have past on or what. They never let the young ones near the feeders or house once they fledged so I don’t think any young ones no to come here and take over the area. did have a downy woodpecker peck open one of my houses and moved in and left and now there is a special kind of flycatcher that is nesting in the house. this isn’t my bluebird house by the way. Flycatcher has a light yellowish green belly and is a cavity nester which is different from the normal flycatcher which builds its nest on top of things.


      Sorry for the missing bluebirds. There is no telling why they have not returned. But it sounds like you still have some interesting birds in your area. How close are these houses to the bluebird nestbox?

      Stafford, VA


        I have three boxes on the property.There about 50 yards apart from each other. Over the years doing this I have had tree swallows that live in one box every year and on the far end is usually everything from chickadees to woodpeckers etc. all different kinds hit that one. but directly in the middle closer to my house I have had bluebirds five years in a row. Even had them trained so as when I came out with their mealworms I would just whistle and they would come right over. It was really the coolest thing. they got so use to me helping they would even let me know if the robins were trying to steal their worms. They get all upset fly back and forth till I figured out what was bugging them. I step over there and the robins would fly off and my blues would go back to eating. That’s why this is so startling that they haven’t returned we have done this same routine for 5 years. That’s why I wonder if they have past on.


          Hi dlibby:
          I think the blues are more scarce in our area (western PA) this year. I do have a nesting pair and had either one set or two sets checking out my front yard box, but they did not stay around. I know I used to see them on the fence and electrical wires down the road at the farm, but nothing except earlier in the year and absolutely nothing now.
          Our weather has been very odd this year. Lots or rain 2.4 inches yesterday alone and more coming, plus cool temps. Don’t give up hope, if you don’t have a set this year, I am sure you will get one next season. I know how you feel I fretted over not getting any this year, but it all worked out, later than the last two years but better late than never.
          Connie (PA)


            Dlibby, could a predator have gotten in their box last time without you knowing it? It sounds like you monitor regularly so that doesn’t seem possible. That’s the only reason besides the death of your couple that I can think of. You have predator guards on right? Maybe just maybe they’ll nest in the next month there still!


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