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    Kathy B

      Do they abandon their nest due to feeders within 30ft? I have a nest box and it has three eggs, but seemingly no birds of the last couple of a days. Put several feeders up and now, no bluebirds. I’m in western Wisconsin.
      Thanks, Kathy


        Hi, Kathy! EABLs that have bonded to a nest box with sufficient vigor to lay three eggs are committed, no doubt. That being said, I do not feed the general population during nesting season, and one of the main reasons is to minimize traffic and competition on my property. IMO, if you were to take in the feeders, mama and papa blue would return.

        Bedford, New Hampshire

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Agree with Randy. But mama needs to be laying more eggs or begin incubating soon. 30′ is too close and draw predator or competitor birds.


            I don’t use feeders during nesting season either. Like Randy, I try to minimize traffic and give the nesting birds a little peace.

            Having said that, the female is committed to those eggs. A feeder wouldn’t cause her to leave.

            Atlanta, GA

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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