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      Hi bluebirders,

      Anyone know if bluebirds will typically inspect the same spots each year? I had a pair scope out my yard for 2 weeks around June 13 last year for the first time ecer. They ended up moving on but it was so fun while it lasted. Hoping they come back this year at least to check it out again. Any idea what the typical behavior is? Will they likely swing by again? I am in a suburban street a hop skip and jump from a golf course and probably more suited for second nesters…(when summer bugs are more available).

      My neighborhood

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        Phillyblues…..I’ve only been doing this 3 years, but I’m finding each year is different from the one before. That’s part of the fun….you never know what you are going to get. I hope your blues show up soon.


        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          My blues stay around all year and definitely do nest in my yard each year. I know their habits and behavior (come to my whistle for worms), which places are their favorite to scout for bugs, etc. Don’t have much experience with those that migrate – but I would assume when they find a place they like and works for them, they would return. Hope you get some nesters this year.


            Phillyblues, I had the same pair the last 2 years. I know this b/c they were old hands at nesting–I recognized how efficiently they did each task. They were amazing. AND when I would want to check the box, I would whistle softly, and Mama would pop right out of the box. She definitely knew my whistle. This year, though, I have that new pair and it’s been crazy. They are not comfy around me yet. The TRES, on the other hand, I suspect are the same ones. They respond to me like always, and this year (so far) they’ve been kinder to my husband. Things could change when those eggs hatch, though!

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