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      Hello all, First I’d like to say that I’ve been watching bb’s for five years or so here in southern Maine. All these years i’ve never had a bluebird until the first week of June. Always just a male who would never find a female and just leave. Until last year when a female finally did show and they had five babies. So I plan accordingly to get ready for them. All of a sudden the male and female showed up on friday 4/14 I couldn’t believe it and they went right to the house they used last year and started right in building a nest. So excited I’m wondering where they are so early maybe I will see two broods this year. That would be amazing.

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Diddy, welcome! Maybe your previous years’ nesting was the 2nd nest for that pair and the first one was in different location? Not familiar at all with Main, but know it would be in the cooler climates but still should have the first nesting before June. Our season here in Missouri begins in late March/early April, and yes I had 3 different broods in one season for several years. My current pair usually only has 2 broods. Good luck!


          Hi dlibby,
          It sounds like that bluebird pair beat all the others migrating north to claim your nestbox. As the saying goes “the early bird gets the worm”. Congratulations! :birddance:


            Hi Dibby:
            I am fairly new here too, and had my first nest box and first pair of BB’s this past summer. Only one brood, but after the first ones hatched Mama BB disappeared, and Papa worked his feathers to a frazzle feeding his babies and all 4 fledged right before the 4th of July. We had to leave to go to our cabin, company coming so I never got to see what happened to them after that.
            I had a pair show up over a month ago here in Western PA. He checked out the one box, ate a few mealworms and away they went. I have not seen a single BB around the boxes since. Maybe they flew off to Maine. I am happy for you and keep my fingers crossed that there is still time for them so show up in my neck of the woods.
            Welcome to the group.
            Connie (Sassy)


              Hi, Libby. Glad you got your bluebirds early. Mine don’t migrate. I have them here the entire year.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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