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      It’s day 21 of my hatchlings’ lives. Two days ago I watched the parents try to get their babies to fledge. I didnt get to see any leave, but I watched them poke their heads out and I saw the parents fly back and forth. By mid afternoon it seemed as if the parents had given up, and they started bringing food to the nest. I saw them feeding again yesterday though not as frequently. This morning all looked quiet and I figured they had finally fledged until I saw one of the parents stick its head into the box. A short while later I saw the top of a baby’s head appear at the bottom of the entrance. And all I keep seeing is the top of its head.

      So….should I be concerned that this leftover might have a foot snagged in the nest and can’t get out? Should I intervene or at least look inside the nest box?


      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Tia, I would certainly at least peek inside – you might take precautions to plug up the hole or put some sort of screen over the opening so you can see inside but the baby could not get out. If you can tell that it is not tangled on anything (I’ve never had to do this so don’t know the proper procedure) you will just need to let it along until the parents can coax it out. At 21 days all should be out unless it is a runt or something. Watch closely to be sure they are still feeding it. Good luck. Anyone else had this particular problem? – help out here.


          You can look. Just plug the hole like Carol said but don’t be surprised if it flies out of the open side. It’s rare for an EABL to be glued to the nest but it can happen if the housekeeping has been sloppy.

          I have had them fledge at a whopping 22 days.

          Atlanta, GA


            What happened?



            Wanted to see if there is a closing note to Tammy’ question. What happened?

            Stafford, VA

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