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    Bobs Farm

      Call me a bluebird newbie, but I observed a BB checking out one of my boxes this morning. This evening when I took my cup of coffee outside I observed a BB checking out another one of my boxes. Stood on top of it, then stuck it’s head into the hole. I only saw one, so I’m guessing it’s checking it out for its mate? Unfortunately while the BB was checking out the box a male and female HOSP showed up and set down on the fence near the box. The BB flew off and came back a few minutes later after they flew off. I have a deluxe trap setup but still no cigar yet. Being a newbie at this, what do you guys think? I moved to this house in April and set up the boxes the 2nd week of April so I wasn’t expecting much from this season. Have my fingers crossed. Also have a sparrow spooker in the mail coming to me at the moment.


      The bluebirds are looking for a nesting place and you have provided them with a possible location. The HOSPs will be a problem but you seem to have the potential solver already in place. Be patient. The birds know when it is time to build a nest and whether it is safe to call your nextbox home.
      Good luck on your venture.


      Stafford, VA

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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