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    Rich K

      We moved into our neighborhood 5 years ago. There were no Bluebirds in the area at all. Neighbors said it had been at least 20 years since they saw any active pairs. Five of my neighbors now have boxes as well as myself. We all have active nests going on right now. 2 neighbors are on second broods. My pair just hatched 3 of 5 eggs (other 2 should hatch today). The REALLY cool part is we have a neighbor with an old apple tree and he has a pair nesting in a cavity in the tree!! My next door neighbor today said he sees the Bluey’s on the wires all day long hunting and just loves them. Really does feel good to reintroduce these beauties and help them out.
      PS: All my neighbors are now sworn enemies of HOSP’s and use Spookers and Baffles for predators!!! I have them trained well LOL! :BlueBirds-baby3:

      blue diamonds

        Rich….That is great news‼️ So cool going from no bluebirds in years to an explosion of blues. They are fun to watch, I sure enjoy the ones that visit my yard. It’s also wonderful all the neighbors are on the same page. You and your neighbors keep up the good work in helping out the bluebird population. Let us know at the end of the season how many bluebirds have fledged from your area. Go Blue‼️



          Rich, so happy to hear about all the BB’s in your neighborhood. They are a delightful bird to watch. You and your neighbors are doing a great service to the survival of this species. My hat is off to all of you. Keep up the good work.
          Connie (PA)


            Rich, this is so great! It’s been my mission as well to bring bluebirds back to my neighborhood, though it has probably been a lot longer of a drought! This is an old suburb. I have been successful bringing them back to the park nearby, and the next steo.is to draw them into our neighborhood. This isnthe first year I have them at least hunting and appearing in my neighborhood, so we’re on the right track. You’re story is so encouraging to me. Gid bless!

            Carol – Mid-Mo.

              Rich, great that you have had this kind of luck in your neighborhood. I have tried this, also, but not had much luck as most are either elderly or working people which don’t have time. BUT I have carried out this mission by doing Bluebird video presentations a few years ago. Have probably done about 25 of them, going from town to town and local community organizations and believe they have been successful. I know several people which now use HOSP controls and monitor their nests better than they used to. I am known as the “Bluebird lady” around here.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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