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      Hi I’m new to this site. I live in Ontario Canada and have had bluebirds nesting for the last 5 years. Some sadness and some real joys. Yesterday I found the female dead not far from the nest. Don’t know what happened. The male is feeding the young alone. I would think the young will be out in about a week still. Any suggestions or wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


        Hi Mrsblu:
        Last year I had Mama disappear, have no idea what happened to her, but Papa Blue raised 4 little ones for weeks on his own. I wonder if the male I have this year is the same one with a new mate, nice thought even if he isn’t. Any marks on the female you found? I am so sorry this has happened to you. He may find a new mate and she might help him finish taking care of the babies, but I am guessing he will do the job himself.
        Connie (PA)


          I really think the male I have this year would be successful in this scenario. He has been so extremely attentive with feeding and taking the babies next door to hunt while mom built her new nest.
          So sorry this happened. Praying they are OK!


            Hi, Mrsblu, and welcome! Sorry to hear the sad news about your poor mother bluebird. It is certainly difficult to speculate what happened to her, but I am sure your papa blue will get the job done. In my opinion, the great teaching point that could come out of this, for all of us, would be to learn “what happens with your papa blue for the rest of this season?” If you were able to obtain a close-up photo of him, to help with positive identification, it would be fascinating to learn if he finds a new mate this year? How quickly does he do it? How many eggs does she lay? And what is the outcome of that nesting? I am keeping an eye on my pair, who are beginning to nest for the second time, this season. Papa is around everyday, all the time. Mama sightings are rare. I know both very well, so if he nests with a new female, I will know it, and I will take my own advice and document the characteristics of the second nesting.

            Good luck with your “single dad” and his 5 nestlings!

            Bedford, New Hampshire

            Carol – Mid-Mo.

              Hi, mrsblu – yes I agree that Dad will be able to care for the babies if they are only a week from fledging. Mama was there for the brooding right after they hatched, which the dad cannot do. It will be a little hard for him, and would be helpful if you could help with mealworms. Hope he is successful.


                Ditto lots of mealworms to help out the dad! Praying he can do it!
                I’m sure mine would have in the same scenario. He is a super dad!


                  Please keep us posted!

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