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      5th and last egg was laid on 6/2 and the female started incubating right away. Last night she didn’t return to sit on them overnight, and when she finally returned today, showed no interest in going back into the box.

      The male has been peeking into the box, going into the box, sitting on the box and calling for her, but she hasn’t given in. At one point I even saw them fighting in the grass so I think she’s just over it. I feel so bad for him as it’s getting dark and he is just sitting on top of the box calling for her.

      This is the 7th clutch (2nd this year), but I’ve never seen behavior like this from them. Is it possible that the eggs are infertile? How long should we leave them before removing so they can try again?

      Normally when we go anywhere near the box, they dive bomb me nonstop, but they aren’t doing that today which makes me think there is definitely something wrong with the eggs. 😢

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        Allyson –

        Check for any bug infestations. Also check on the status of the eggs (broken, missing, etc). I want to say it sounds like something spooked the female off the nest but if she still isn’t going inside I would definitely check inside the box to see whats going on.



        Dana is right. This is not how they would act if the eggs were ok.

        Stafford, VA

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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