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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Well, my regular papa & new mama have finally done it – built a nest & laid 2 eggs while I didn’t even know what was going on. Had been seeing them regularly around this box but never did see any nest building going on. Just found it this early evening – so I need to get on spooker & wren guard ASAP, hopefully after she lays another egg tomorrow. I will have to monitor her after I put these up because I don’t know if she has had experience with them. YEAH!

      Bobs Farm

        Congrats. It appears I got skunked my first year. I did have a pair of HOSP I’ve been dealing with and now have a trap for. Please keep us updated.

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          Love my blues!

            Awesome, Carol!



              So happy for you, Carol.


              Carol – Mid-Mo.

                Well, final 5th egg laid today & mama is incubating. I was a nervous wreck after I found those first 2 eggs because I had no spooker or wren guard up. AND there are definitely both species around. But I put up spooker after she laid 3rd egg (I found the 2 eggs in early evening & no time to get it up), she accepted it well, and then wren guard up after the 4th. Both parents had no trouble accepting these “new” housing items, which is what I was worried about. Well, now I have 14 days to let her do her job. Hoping for the best.


                Patience is a necessity in this venture. The birds seem to not mind giving us fits in what they do or how long it takes them to do it. It is good to see that your pair are taking full advantage of everything that you have provided for them. Relax and watch the progress.

                Stafford, VA

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