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      Hi all,
      I’m happy to report there’s a completed bluebird nest in my nestbox as of yesterday! I was in envy of everyone else here having bluebirds this Spring. Now I can finally join in. I’m not sure if this is a 1st brood or 2nd brood for this pair. I’m just grateful to have bluebirds nesting here once again.


      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Congrats, Dana – yes, it is exciting to find a completed nest – hope those eggs show up soon!


        It does feel good to have that nest in the box. You can relax now and enjoy them as the begin the egg-laying process. They must feel at home now. Good luck on this nesting. ENJOY!!!

        Stafford, VA

        blue diamonds

          Great news Dana, they will surely have much better nesting weather! It is a joy to have them around the yard, sitting on top of taller things, looking for bugs. Best wishes to you.



            Oh Dana, just read your post. I am thrilled for you, I know how exciting seeing the nest in the box can be. I am hoping for the second nest soon. I have no idea if there is a time line between the fledge of the first brood and the start of the second nest, but I know it is pretty fast. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they return for another go round.
            Connie (PA)

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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