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      I Never had wrens previously which is why we did not have a wren guard. I did find eggs on the ground and there were sticks/dummy nest so – it was definitely wrens . I don’t mount anything on wooden poles – metal pole with a baffle. All evidence points to wren… i would put a guard up if the blues do lay again. They are hanging out and i think papa blue had some additional nesting material today soo fingers crossed…

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        I don’t have any advice but sorry about your loss. I think there is still time for another bluebird’s nest.

        I remember in year’s past, i had a BB nest destroyed, eggs tossed out – i blamed sparrows but in retrospect that was probably wrens.

        SW Ohio


        Courtney, so sorry to hear this news. Yes, wrens are determined pests – but if you keep removing their nesting material they will eventually give up. I would remove the BB nest and let them start a fresh nest. You said that you have another box out there. They might start building their new nest in there.
        You will normally put up the wren guard after the female blue lays the first egg. Has anyone used the wren guard prior to the first egg?
        Good luck on the next try.

        Stafford, VA


          Hey all i suck at updates right haha
          Ok soooo we ended up clearing the sticks and leaving the blues original nest. They added a few more grasses to the Taj Mahal and laid 4 eggs!! Anxious for hatching

          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Glad to her you have new eggs & hope the wrens leave that nest alone. Do you have any kind of wren guard on the box? It would be good if the wren tried to nest in your extra box & then let them continue building THEIR nest & you can remove some of it (just to let them know that is their box) – keeps them busy and away from your blues nest. Just don’t wait too long or they will lay an egg.

          Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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