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      I built my first bluebird house this year. I was very happy to see the bluebirds fly in and out. Then I checked it the first time and saw 4 eggs, awesome. Several days later, 4 baby bluebirds. I took a short video of the birds inside the nest this past Sunday. They were all huddled together but there was movement, fluttering. Today, the following Wednesday, there are no babies. Could they have left the nest? I searched the area around the nesting box but saw nothing. I did not see any signs of the babies around the nesting box. I have been feeding the adults meal worms and still see them. The nest itself appears normal to me.

      I live in East Texas, near the Louisiana border, on the south end of Toledo Bend lake.

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      Good to hear from you Glenn. The general time frame from hatch to fledge is 17 days. Do you know when the hatch took place?
      For future reference Date of Hatch = Date of last egg laid + 14 days. Date of Fledge = Date of Hatch + 17 days.
      Each of the dates could vary +/- a day or two due to weather, viability of the hatchlings, etc.

      Stafford, VA


        It sounds like they hopefully all fledged. (fingers crossed). Keep us posted.


      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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