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      Hi all,
      I was pleasantly surprised yesterday afternoon to find a partially built bluebird nest in my nestbox. This morning I watched as the mama bluebird frantically was adding more material to the nest. It’s amazing because we still have some snow on the ground in places from last week’s Nor’Easter though some of it has melted. They are nesting 2 weeks earlier this year than last year. I’m hoping for a successful nesting.

      Wishing everyone a Happy Spring!


        That is wonderful news. Even though I have seen one BB sitting on top of one of my boxes there is no sign of any other activity. I am hoping with you living in Lancaster PA and me north of Pittsburgh I will see a pair or more moving in soon.
        Connie (PA)


          Hi Sassy,
          The nest was completed last Friday on 3/31. But the weather here has been so lousy… cold, rainy, and even some snow. The female luckily has not laid any eggs yet. I’ve been putting out mealworms for the pair in the meantime. Wish Spring would get here sooner!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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