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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      My five bluebirds fledged yesterday, right on schedule at 17 days. I was keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed with the 5 – sometimes they do not all make it. Cleaned out the box, scrubbed it down (it was a MESS) and put it back with the door open to dry good for a day or so. The pair were flying all around the pole this morning after I took the box down – wanted them to know it would be available for next nesting. The fledglings are in a tree right in our yard – parents will probably take them out somewhere (after they can fly good) to teach them how to hunt. I am feeding mealworms, but am a firm believer they need to also hunt for the main portion of their diets.


        Yay. Congrats!

        blue diamonds

          Good news Carol‼️ Mine stayed in the nest until yesterday afternoon….18 days. All five fledged. Have not seen where they are, but Mom and Pop are still hanging out in the front yard.

          Because it’s been so cold here I have been feeding live mealworms 3 times a day. Do you feed only twice daily?

          My bluebirds in the backyard started building their 2nd nest yesterday…..5 days after their 2 hatchlings fledged. Got to see both fledglings today in the serviceberry tree. What great fun 😁

          Judy – Michigan

          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Judy, yes I feed only two times a day – early morning and around 5 or 6 p.m. Hard telling how many they would eat if I gave them unlimited worms. The worms are meant to SUPPLEMENT the natural food they need to hunt for – not for a main diet (there are conversations about the worms being calcium depleting for the birds if too many are fed). Of course, there are always exceptions, like extreme weather or snow/ice coverings, etc. Right now after my 5 fledged I watch the parents take the worms to the tree where the babies are, empty the bowl of worms, look around for more. When they see they are all gone I spot them hunting and bringing up the “goodies” they find to the babies.


              Hi Carol:
              Congrats on the fledge. It is always great to know they are out and being taught to take care of themselves.
              I have all 5 returning to the clothes pole next to the mealworm feeder to be fed by The parents. They do fly to the ground and find bugs for themselves too. It has been chilly here, snow on Mother’s Day and frost almost every morning, so the fledgling are puffed up and look like round fluff balls.
              I have not seen too much activity around the nest box yet, but it is clean and ready.

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