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    blue diamonds
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    Yup…..the two baby blues in my back yard nest fledged this morning. They were little troopers, had many below freezing nights and rainy weather. Mom and pop are feeding them live mealworms when I put them out. Looks like they are high up in a spruce tree for now. The parents came and watched me take their box down for cleaning……seemed like they did not approve because they were quite vocal. I will get it back up as soon as it dries. This nest had 4 eggs, but only two hatched. When I cleaned the box I only found one unhatched egg….it’s a mystery on where the other egg went. Can’t blame the house wrens, they just showed up last week.

    Next week the front nest with five should fledge.

    Judy – Michigan

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    Nice report!


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    Judy, great news about your fledglings. That is strange about the one egg disappearing, maybe Mama took it out.
    I need to get out and clean my nest box too. Maybe tomorrow if it is not raining.
    House wrens showed up here this week so one more obstacle to over come, but that is how it is in nature.
    Connie (PA)

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