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      After coming out of hiding two weeks after fledging, my sole surviving fledgling was being fed by the father daily. Several days ago he disappeared. I haven’t seen the baby in 5 days. The parents are around daily. I expected the fledgling to be around for a full four weeks being fed by the parents, which will be June 14.

      Anyone have experience with how long these little guys stick around?

      His sudden disappearance leads me to believe he has succumbed to predation.

      Rich K

        I am willing to bet he is around. I had the same thing with my fledgling from a month ago. Then 2 days ago he was sitting on top of the box he fledged from in all his glory! I saw him fly down from the box into the grass to catch his breakfast. He is still hanging around as mom and dad are now busy building nest #2!! Good luck, I bet you see him soon!

        Love my blues!

          Scot- My bluebird pair turned the fledglings from 1st brood loose really early (around 3 weeks). Now that the pair has new nestlings, they are trying to get their juveniles to go elsewhere. Think it’s just so they can have all the mealworms for their nestlings.



          I’m with Nicole. I saw 3 of the fleglings about a week after they fledged but they have not beem back to the box since. I have seen at least 1 of them on a power line across the street in the morning and another flying from tree to tree in the back yard but none near the nestbox.

          Stafford, VA

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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