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      My BB nestlings are fledging today. Today is day 19 from hatch.

      I had taken my dog outside to potty just now, mini poodle. She was sniffing the ground about 20′ away from the nestbox and I saw Mama and Papa dive bombing her. My dog and I both saw the fledgling on the ground at the same time. I’ve trained my dog well, she did chase, but backed off when I called her (read: frantically screamed at her).

      I caught the fledgling, it wasn’t flying very well. I didn’t know what to do so I put it back in the nestbox. I couldn’t see exactly how many other siblings were still in the nest, but I for sure saw one other. There were 4 of them on day 8, last time I checked on them.

      In case this happens again. What should I do?

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Wow, 19 days from hatch – should have been ready but apparently not. Mine are just starting to peek today (which is day 16) and parents are around lots. I believe they will fledge tomorrow. I have not had any baby prematurely fledge or found on the ground. I believe you did the right thing, though, by putting it back in the nest, especially if the others are still there. If only one remains they will probably fledge together today. The dog may have spooked the parents into waiting, so I would maybe try to keep it away for now.


          Thank you for the reply!
          I wasn’t sure if I should have left it on the ground or what.

          Day 1 the first had hatched, day 2 one egg hadn’t hatched, day 3 they were all hatched.

          And don’t worry, I’ll be taking my dog to potty in the front yard today.


            You did the right thing. This could have been one of the last ones to hatch and he just wasn’t really ready.

            Atlanta, GA


            I agree with Carol & Gin. If the fledgling did not fly from you as you picked it up, it was not ready to fly. Putting it in the box gives it a night to rest and prepare for tomorrow.

            Stafford, VA


              Good job on saving the baby!


                There is a really good section on Sialis on this topic. But hopefully that little one will stay put until it’s time!!


                  A similar thing happened here with a Carolina Chickadee. We kept an eye on it till late evening and then put it back in the nest box. The next day it fledged.



                    I agree, I would have done the same thing, returned it to the box. Don’t know if it happened but I suppose it is possible it was looking out and maybe another fledgling pushed it out. I too think tomorrow it will take wing on it’s own.
                    Good job on saving it.
                    Connie (PA)

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