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      So last season I fledged the first 5 bluebirds in my neighborhood perhaps in a century. This year I found a pair already scouting the same boxes. My question is ho we can I get them to visit my typical suburban yard? The box locations are just across a golf course 2500 feet or so. But I have NEVER seen a bluebird in my yard or residential part. Will they ever venture from their field to visit the hood? Anything that can be done to entice them? Will they look for bluebird feeders?


        I would suggest installing a nest box in your yard and installing a water feature. Bluebirds love water, especially shallow moving water. Also planting berry producing shrubs and trees will entice them to your yard in fall and winter. Providing food will in some instances….but I would start with the box. Then you could start feeding mealworms near the box during nesting season(if you have a successful nesting). This is how I started years ago. Here are my bluebirds at the bird bath.

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          Yes, many people have bluebirds in their residential yards. There’s a good chance if there’s an open field (golf course) nearby. Just put up a box and see what happens. But do it quickly!! They are house hunting right this minute. If you wait to long you may not have luck this year.

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            The nestbox and water is what will attract them more than the feeder, since bluebirds are not generally “feeder birds”. Most of us have had to teach our bluebirds to come to our mealworm feeders by gradually introducing them to it, so that’s more of a process. If you put your nestbox in a desirable location (see Nestbox location tips you stand a good chance of attracting them, but it may take time, and you will have to be patient.

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