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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      I’m getting perturbed with my BB parents – they have not chased off any of the fledglings from 2 nests, so I have 8 blues coming to the worm bowl 2x a day. And parents cannot seem to get but just a very few worms to bring to the new babies (now 3 days old) before the others gobble them up. And I am being pretty generous with the worms. I am used to see a moving train, parents from the worm bowl out to the nest box & new babies, one right behind the other with a mouth full of worms. Oh well, what will be will be – just hope the babies are getting more natural food from mama and papa.

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Well, my blues must have heard me scolding them. Today for the first time, only mama & papa came to the worm bowl and my worm train continued on. I knew they needed to chase off the other siblings (6 or 7 in all) so they could take care of the 5 newborns better but they did their own thing – read those rule books, parents!! Wow, having 3 nestings of 5 bluebirds each in one season is quite a chore for us old grandparents, but love every minute of it!

        Hope everyone else is enjoying the end of the season, even with its good and bad.

        blue diamonds

          Carol…..I get a chuckle from your posts. Mama and papa blue are probably pretty tired of fledglings about now. No energy left for discipline. Glad they straightened things out today. Must be fun to see them all together.

          It has been a great year‼️ I was thrilled with 2 nestings, 3 would be awesome. I was clueless when I decided to put up a bluebird box, but it’s a labor of love.



          I agree with Judy – you do tell a great story. I is good to hear that mealtime is now the way it should be. You have had a great year for blues. We should all be so lucky. With any luck I will have 12 fledge this year out of 13 eggs.
          Take it easy for the rest of the summer.

          Stafford, VA


            Hi Carol.
            Glad all is OK again out your way and that Mama and Papa Blues straightened out those youngsters. I see what I believe is the last clutch plus Mama and Papa at the mealworm feeder most mornings and evenings gulping down the dried and live mealworms and squabbling over the spoils.
            I was hoping for a third nesting but it was not meant to be, but I am thrilled they chose to nest here at all and they gave me immense joy this summer with the 8 babies they raised. I will be sad to see them go but next spring will be something to look forward to.

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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