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    Carol – Mid-Mo.
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    Well, we have had great warm weather (in the upper 60’s- lo 70’s) the past several days, so the birds have really been scouting. Had a pair of HOSP at one box – good ol’ VanErt got female first, so I left trap & “weed claims” in the box & that afternoon I got him. Woo-hoo!! So my pair of blues (all other juveniles are gone) are really watching/wanting this box, which is one of their favorites. I am hoping she says “OK – I like this home – let’s have our babies here!” and not do like they have done for the past 2 or 3 years and build a full nest in 2 or 3 boxes until they decide on one. Don’t they read the rules on this!! :birddance: :birddance:

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    I think they do the read the rules but they aren’t the rules we read!

    Atlanta, GA

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    I need to open my bluebird’s normal box and show them that the dead HOSP that I found in their earlier is gone because they won’t go in their box this year and are trying to nest further away. Not a good thing because I can’t watch it well.


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