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    Rich K

      As stated in my previous post I was nervous about opening the box. The last egg was laid on April 28th so they were due to hatch on May 11th. I was able to angle the little mirror I have (it’s one the mechanic’s use to look at hard spots in a car engine) to get a peek. I only looked for literally ten seconds but could see a mound of babies! I had 5 eggs so educated guess is at least 4 have hatched as it looked crowded. I am so thrilled after all the cold weather we had. Sometimes you just have to let mother nature take her course! Now I am just waiting for a successful brood. I will check them again on the weekend when it will be about 75 degrees and they will be about 6 days old, for blow fly (I always do this by lifting the nest with a spatula and never had any issues but able to remove larvae). I believe this pair are veteran parents. They really seem to know what to do!! YAY!!!! :BlueBirds-baby3:

      blue diamonds

        Yay….that’s very cool‼️ So happy all your coverings and cold proofing worked! On Facebook many people have reported loosing eggs and hatchlings due to the extreme cold temperatures. Great job!


        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Rich, So Sorry about my previous response to your “Worried” post about your nest – I did not catch that these were still unhatched eggs, not getting ready to fledge babies! Glad you were able to see that the eggs had hatched after the cold spell. Hopefully it will warm up, but I bet mama blue will keep them warm. And you had put some good insulation on the box.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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