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      Live in Texas and we have been having warm weather BUT the cold will come and never know when and I have a pair that
      tore out the cup I had covering the BB house hole and keep coming back.
      Have never done this before until last summer and Question do they nest here in the winter?? We do at times get
      below freezing. Should I let them do the box or try to keep them out???
      I appreciate any help with this.

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        No expert here by any stretch of the imagination, but my guess would be to let them nest. It seems they are determined to do that and if not at your BB house then somewhere else. Maybe someone else will advise you differently. but that is my two cents worth.
        Connie (PA)

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Denene, they are just trying to find a place to “roost” for the colder weather, mainly at night. Lots of birds roost in their nesting boxes, however, mine do not even here in Mid-Missouri, as they have plenty of trees and shrubs to keep warm. Just because they are going into the box does not mean they will build a nest (they know it is not the right time)- just trying to get in out of the cold. My problem here is that other birds will roost (stay for the night) in my BB boxes and the blues go elsewhere. P.s. just remembered that they will sometimes put a small amount of grass or covering over the very bottom on a box to keep it warmer if they plan to roost in it.


            Ditto to what Carol said. They won’t nest until it’s the right time for them. But keep those house sparrows out!


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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