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    Rich K

      So we had our daughter’s wedding in Camden, NY this past weekend. Lovely property with 6 active boxes. Two with EABL’s and to my utter horror, in between a HOSP nest!! The Male chirping away on top of the box less than twenty feet away! No Spookers, no baffles! I said to the lady, “I see you have Bluebirds nesting?” She said, yes the one box was fledging today. I sooooooo wanted to tell her she needs to discourage HOSP’s and put spookers up etc. but she didn’t seem to be the type to take any type of advise! Surprisingly she said they nest every year and have 2 broods, in fact she had TWO EABL nests! Should I have educated her on the safety measures?


      Yes, and you might have even directed her to the photos on the Sialis.org site. She really needs to know how bad the HOSP’s are and how to get rid of them She is not doing us any favors by tolerating them!

      Stafford, VA

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Amen to what David said. However, I know her situation and it is a very touchy situation, even when trying to tell your next door neighbor this! I don’t remember where you live, Rich, but you really need to inform people about HOSP dangers. I have gone slow with a couple of people whom I know well and have actually got two people started trapping HOSP. Since I give presentations on BBs, I definitely do bring this information forward, so I’m hoping a lot more people get the idea of not letting them nest at the least, and trying to decline their population is the right way to go.

        Rich K

          We live in Western PA about 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh. I have educated our neighbor to use a spooker (he lost a BB nest this year to HOSP’s and has since been educated). I also have a friend that had two ornamental type houses stacked on each other on a fence post. She got EABL’s on the bottom house. When she posted pics on FB I sent her a PM and told her to make all the necessary fixes, which she has done. Her clutch has hatched and the fledglings are about 6 days old now!
          The one in question was in Central NY at my daughter’s wedding venue. I’m going to send her an email with the necessary links and hope she reads it!

          The Original Bluebird Nut

            That seems like a good non-confrontational way to handle it, Rich. Especially if you use the sandwich approach – start with complimenting her on her beautiful property and her desire to help the birds, then just a word on “something you’ve learned that may interest you”, and then finishing up with more commendation. Always wrap such things in a nice package – they are much more easily digested that way! And definitely give her the link to our forum!

            Central NY
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              I think you handled it well. Sometimes it feels to others we are bashing them over the head with it. When a person is so proud of their bluebirds and then I come in with how they are doing it so wrong hosting HOSP, it’s hurtful. I like the gentle approach. I like your idea.


              Love my blues!

                Ditto to what Cher & Tammy said. Hope she takes your gentle advice, Rich!


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