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    Bluebird pair was checking out all my boxes this weekend in our 70 degree Philly February weather. I’m hoping they pick my two hole mansion (defensible box) I made over the winter. Exciting they’re starting already.

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    I’ve been out of town were checking my boxes in NW Ohio before I left. Exciting!


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    Hi Phillyblues and Tamsea! Here too there’s a bluebird pair checking out my nestbox (I have the slot-opening nestbox.) There’s been a male and female checking it inside and out this morning. Hoping in the next few weeks they’ll start nest-building. — Dana in Lancaster PA :bluesinbox:

    David in Stafford,VA
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    They must be getting an early start this year. We usually have snow this weekend – but here is a photo of the male on the box this morning. It was a quick shot and it is a bit blurry but it was also cold this morning and the bird looks puffed out to stay warm.

    Stafford, VA

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