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      My bluebirds were building in their normal house and then disappeared. Eric saw the male take mealworms back to a box that is about 100 yards away so I went to check. 5 eggs!!! When did that happen? I just looked a week or so ago…could have been two…Eric says three. Darn, they are messing with my neat tidy plan for them. Not only are they not in THEIR box this year, but I have no idea when hatching date is! I’m going to miss all the fun since they are so far away. Plus, monitoring will not be as intense as it usually is. Plus, that box was put up quickly for TRES last year and is not baffled. *sigh* They just complicated my life! :ShakeHeadSadly: But I’m glad to have bluebirds.


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        They need to learn to follow :RuleBook:

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          I agree – let’s give them the rule books to read!!


            Like you needed this??

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              Yes! And on top of that it is that it is facing my pond. Not good for fledglings. I’ll have to turn it later. Little stinkers.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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