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      Hi all, my first BB brood fledged yesterday. The birdhouse is a few feet from our back window, so it’s been fun to watch the whole process and see them peek out into the big wide world! We weren’t home so we missed the actual fledge part. Mama and Papa BB finally found the live mealworm bowl, took turns grabbing and feeding and would be done in five minutes. The Carolina Wrens and Titmouse might get one or two since they’re quick, but the Cardinals didn’t stand a chance. Papa Bb would come within a few feet from me to get mealworms while I got the second little bowl ready. I think they’re in a nearby tree now because Mama and Papa will come to feed and fly off in one direction. I cleaned out the birdhouse, that was a big mess— tiny black mites etc. Will get it back up tomorrow after it dries, hopefully can have round two soon. Guess I’ll start raising mealworms, going through lots of them lately. Can someone tell me when I can hang the dried mealworm feeders back up since I think Mama and Papa are still feeding the fledglings in the tree?

      Happy BB-growing!


      Congratulations, Lisa.

      Stafford, VA

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Congrats – doesn’t that feel good to have them out of the box and hopefully in the trees.

        As far as the dried mealworms (which are NOT to be fed to the babies) are concerned, now that they have been eating the live worms they probably will not like the dried. There are several good companies where you can purchase the live worms – I usually purchase the batch of 10,000 worms and that will last me about 2 or 3 months after babies fledge and join the parents into a family. You can get smaller amounts but shipping will add up so I buy a lot at once. They do need to be fed about every 10 days or so (just take them out of the fridge with some sliced carrots on top of the bedding, which is usually wheat bran).
        Good luck on a new nesting.


          Lisa congrats on the 1st brood fledging!! Hopefully they’ll be back to have a 2nd brood!



            Lisa, so exciting!!! Very happy for you!! Fingers crossed for another round this season! You have much activity to enjoy now. Fun!

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